On Going Projects

  • Post Vaccination Sentiment and Acceptance of Booster Jab in Africa Using Twitter Posts from February 2022 to July 2022

In this project, we aim to collect Twitter data regarding the second and booster jabs, and classify the sentiments expressed by citizens after taking the second jab. This research will help us find out if users' sentiments can predict their attitude towards accepting or rejecting the booster jab.

  • Vaccine Hesitancy Hotspots in Africa: An Insight from Geotagged Twitter Posts using ArcGis

Vaccine hesitancy has been a major issue faced by health policymakers in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. This research aims at identifying hotspots based on sentiments expressed on vaccine-related geotagged Twitter posts in selected African countries.

  • The Effect of Age and Gender on the Memorability of Syntactically Generated Image Password

In this project, we aim to examine the effect of age and gender on remembering syntactically generated image passwords for login, authentication, and verification.

  • Covid-19 Variant: Citizens' Emotional Change as a predictor to their Mobility

In this project, we aim to investigate how the changes in citizens' emotions can affect their choice of movement during an outbreak or pandemic.

  • The Role of Social Media in Detecting Anxiety and Depression Among Black Communities During the Monkeypox Era.

How can we collect Monkeypox-related text data from social media? What machine learning algorithm can we use to identify anxiety and depression expressed on social media platforms? What type of psychological intervention would be effective in addressing affected people or communities?

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